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Digestive Distress is the #1 American Complaint

Daily sales of over-the-counter (OTC) antacids is more than 25 million dollars a day. Why? Because they do not solve the problem! Therefore, what is the common denominator of the following problems, indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn, gas, bloating, slow digestion, constipation, and belching? Answer: Diet.


A life style that relies on fast food and other low quality foods, directly leads to digestive problems. Call it anything you like, but the source of these symptoms is NOT “Too much acid production,” as TV tells you. It is the exact opposite. The actual problem is that acid production has turned off; (yes your stomach is NOT producing acid) making your stomach a compost heap.


When stomach acid turns off, the body signals you by making you feel acidy.

The way to solve a digestive overload problem is simply to switch back ON your body digestion, and let your body heal itself. That is why Indigest Free is so effective. It supports the body in resetting itself and therefore the body can run on its own.


Heartburn Is A Warning Signal Not To Be Ignored.

We define heartburn as a feeling of abdominal (your tummy or upper chest) discomfort (usually occurring within a short time after eating).


Indigestion is caused by eating to excess, eating foods that do not mix well or eating foods that are hard on the digestive tract. ALL “FAST FOOD” can cause indigestion and acid problems.

Indigest Free