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Cranberry Juice and the Kidneys

The kidneys are delicate organs about the size of your fist. They constantly filter your blood. One quarter of our blood is in our kidneys at any one time of the day or night. The body is designed to last 80 to 100 years based on the handling and feeding that we do of it. We literally become the results of our habits. If we lift heavy weight on a routine basis until our muscles in that arm are burning, we are tearing muscle and re-growing it, thus we put on muscle.

If we lie around lazy, eating bon-bon after bon-bon or eat processed carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, cookies, crackers, cake, processed food bars (which are worthless as food), and other desserts or cereals, we will gain weight. We become the result of our habits practiced. This may seem obvious but if you look around at those who complain of some problem from obesity to sore joints, they ignore their eating habits, lack of water, and other habits force these conditions on them. How much more simple can it be? It can’t be simpler, the question is, are we going to pay attention or ignore the obvious.

Cranberry juice has a positive healing effect on the kidneys. We can ignore this fact and throw out a good friend or we can observe this time tested fact and act on it to enhance ourselves. The type of cranberry juice we consume matters. The cranberry juice we choose should not be sweetened and taste yummy meaning it should not explode with flavor. If it does, your juice has been loaded down with sugar and will not act as a kidney aid’ in fact it will have the opposite effect. #Cranberry juice that is unfiltered and unsweetened is harder to find, but it is possible to get and therefore very healing and invigorating to our two bean shaped organs (the #kidneys). Use Nature as close to the way it grows as possible. Then you are doing the most for yourself.

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