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Expansion, contraction, and death are the way of all life. We are told life is very complicated, yet, its simplicity is mind-numbing once we peel off the confusion. Again, we are either going out, coming in, or are at the end of life where we find death. The answer to which direction we are going or what junction we are at is determined by factors that do not need outside or medical tests. Do you need a test to prove that you blink your eyes? Of course, you don’t as we can observe, and via simple observation and we know all we need to, to determine our health one way or the other.

Life was not complicated when we didn’t have experts who made it their business to make it seem confusing. You have read about 140 words so far which may seem perplexing. Yet, what I am saying is that life needs no explanation. It needs to be fed and paid attention to. Those trying to explain life are trying to sell you something. What they are selling you is a reality that says you are not in control and none of your actions and habits carry any consequence. If any of that were true, it would be the cellular expression of flying a plane at 30,000 feet, then jumping out without a parachute, and expecting not to die upon landing.

Why are pain-blocking meds so dangerous? Because they, like any drug, suppress our sensations and sensations are how we experience the world. The world of Big Medicine is consolidating or contracting because it is dying, because or 100’s of thousands like you are learning the truth that they in fact do control their life and health. Big Junk Food is also contracting as it is also going out of business for the same reason. You are changing because your mind is changing and that is changing how you approach living. You are being lied to less and less so therefore you are living more. The sedated chase sedation as they “think” they need it. Believing fewer lies we're living more and with less pain. Again, the sedated chase sedation to stay sedated. The living, live without toxins, drugs or junk food and that personal determination/choice is killing Big Business.

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