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A Healthy Body: The Four Types of Exercise

There are many things that you may not be familiar with when looking to form a healthy body and diet. These are the four types of exercises and which exercises you can do to better your strength in that category and overall.

Endurance/Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is being able to do moderate-intensity exercises for long periods of time. This is a category that should get your heart rate up as well as your lungs to take in more oxygen. Aerobic exercise will improve your overall endurance and your immune system as it will get your blood flowing consistently.

Some aerobic exercises include: relay, swimming, running, and biking.


Strength exercises mostly focus on your most frequently used muscles like your core, arms, shoulders and legs. Resistance, which is also known as strength training, has many weight lifting and bodyweight exercises. There are many different ways to improve your strength, but here are the most effective and popular ones.

Some strength exercises include: squat, plank, bicep curl, pushup, and weightlifting

Balance Balance is finding your center point and being able to receive both physical and spiritual energy. You need balance for things like walking, standing, and being able to control your emotions.

Some balance exercises include: single-leg squat, one legged stand, weight shifts, and the bird-dog position.


Flexibility is the ability to stretch and bend without breaking. Flexibility lets you move freely in many more ways. (i.e putting your legs over your head) You should normally stretch dynamically before working out and statically afterward.

Some flexibility exercises include: forward lunges, side lunges, standing hamstring stretch, and triceps stretch.


Before your workout you should always have carbohydrates and protein. While working out, you can also eat carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the molecules that fuel your body. About an hour before working out, you should drink 6-10 oz of water.

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